Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Addressing Cool Hunting

Is cool hunting O.K. to do? Is it acceptable for adults to research and study what teens want or desire in order to make a profit? Is it morally right to manipulate a teens' mind into thinking they must have that one particular consumer product? Or even influence teens way of consuming and in turn having the teens' parents turn into the forced consumer. There are a few reasons why this does not sit well with me:
- Teens are being pumped with false needs for feeling good about themselves.
- Parents should be teaching their kids money management skills instead of contributing to their teens mass consumption of goods.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tech. Assessment

Assessing Texas Instrument’s TI-83 Calculator

For the assignment of assessing a piece of technology, I chose to assess a Texas Instruments T-83 calculator. The TI-83 is made out of plastic, a small amount of metal, batteries and a complex computing system. This technological tool called a TI-83 is mainly used for mathematical uses and recording data within it’s small storage capacity. It is also capable of transferring data and programs from one TI model calculator to another. The TI is very light and or temporary, meaning the TI-83 is capable of being transported or disposed of very easily. I would say it deals with information and does work for us humans. It is intelligent enough to inform the user when it’s batteries need to be changed. The TI-83 as an active piece of technology since the operator has to touch it directly and the fact that it a\can not function without human contact. The TI-83 is very dependable because calculators do not make calculating mistakes, a human may enter information into it incorrectly, but the calculations will always been done correctly.

The TI is a very efficient and speedy tool being only as slow as the operator’s fingers. It also extends the operator’s ability to solve mathematical problems and situations faster with a somewhat lower degree of human error. The human operator can still enter the information into the TI-83 incorrectly. However, a calculator like the TI-83 may be so handy and functional that people may rely on it too much. People extend their problem solving capabilities when using the TI, which ultimately may be detrimental to their ability to solve mathematical problems long-handed or in other words without a calculator. So does that mean people can become slaves to the TI-83 if we become too reliant on it to solve our math problems for us? People give up their natural ability to use their brain to calculate their information or data, but save time and headaches by having a helpful tool such as the TI-83.

The TI also has an emotional tie or bond with the operator. There is a sense of gratification from the when after many calculations on the TI-83 have been made and a correct final answer is obtained. The same goes for when an incorrect figure is calculated, which can follow with frustration and anger, just to name a few. Overall, the TI-83 is a superior calculator to other small hand held calculators. With its ability to quickly and correctly calculate and graph complex mathematical equations, the TI-83 is a piece of technology that has made the lives of its users much easier. It, along with the development of all calculators, has changed the way not only students and mathematicians use math, but people in general. As an owner and operator of a TI-83, I am very glad to have one as well as have wanted to throw it across the room.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Table Technology

Microsoft's table computer
When I began to watch this video clip of Microsoft's Table Top Computer, I was amazed by it's capabilities as well as shocked that they will be in bars and restaurants by November. Microsoft says they will have home units available by 2010 and by no means will they be cheap. I found this touch sensitive table top computer fascinating for quite a few reasons.
- it is interactive, touch sensitive
- visually stimulating and captivating
- simplifies and speeds up a wide range of everyday tasks (i.e. ordering food, downloading photos, creating art, etc.)
Where I see this table top computer benefiting people the most is in the restaurant industry. Imagine not having to wait for your server because he is too busy to take your order or bring you your check. This touch interactive table top computer will allow you look at a menu and drag the desired entrees into the ordering section. Paying for your meal will be even faster since all you have to do is place your credit card on the table top and it instantly runs your card. The same goes for when you want to download photos from your digital camera, just place it on the table top and it automatically does it for you. Technology is ever evolving and simplifying the needs of humans.