Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Trends driving Technology

Trends are a strong driving force in the new development of technologies. People hold very high interest trends that captivate their attention and focus. A few trends that quickly come to mind are:
  • Computer games and how gamers are always wanting games to be more interactive and have more capabilities.
  • Music and how easily it can be made and shared.
  • Video art and the different types of technological medias used to make the art.
  • Health care needs and advancements within medical fields.
  • People personalizing their own portrayal of themselves on the Internet. (Myspace, Facebook, Second Life.)
  • The need for quicker and more efficient communication.
Overall the most important trend that drives technology is society's need to consume and buy the coolest thing out on the market at that time. If technology developers can get people to buy their new technology, the technology will grow and improve even faster.

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